Save The Pumpkins

Nabob Coffee Co.

Save the pumpkins

Pumpkin spice season is bigger than ever. And in 2015, the one that started it all – the pumpkin spice latte – began using real pumpkins for the first time. But not everyone was happy about the return of the PSL. Especially the pumpkins.

Nabob believes in great tasting, quality coffee without the added frills, so to remind Canadians that they’ve been pumpkin-spice free since 1896, we extended the Respect the Bean campaign to give fed-up pumpkins a voice.

Case Study

:60 Digital Video


We took picketing pumpkins to the streets to hit up over 400 coffee shops across Canada to protest the pumpkin spice latte. 


We gave pumpkins a voice on Nabob's social networks with some fun, shareable content. 


We partnered with Threadless designer Nicholas Ginty for a series of t-shirts in support of the cause.