Ghostface Killah House Party


Ghostface Killah House Party

Budweiser is all about authenticity, especially in the music space. So when we got the chance to partner up with Ghostface Killah of the Wu Tang Clan during Toronto's NXNE, we set out to create the festival's most talked-about show, unleashing music 'the way it was meant to be heard' by taking inspiration from the roots of hip hop itself: house parties.

Wrap video

The Invite

With limited access to Ghostface Killah before the house party, we decided to get the word out by creating a 3-d model of his face and turning it into a golden door-knocker, and along with hand-made recreations of his most iconic visuals. 

The interview

Ghostface Killah Paintings

The party went down at a 15,000 square foot old Victorian mansion in downtown Toronto. To match the aesthetic of the mansion we created these paintings and placed them in ornate antique frames around the house for fans to discover. Ghostface's crew left with three of them and a case of Bud. True story.

Custom Invites

Custom gold house keys were sent to influencers as their VIP invitation to the activation.