Reese The Movie

Reese Peanut Butter Cups

Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese [An ASMR Experience]

Since 2018, everyone from Michelob Ultra to KFC has jumped in the ASMR bandwagon, tapping and whispering their way through commercials that borrowed from the ASMR community but gave nothing back.

When we discovered Reese cups were organically being made the star of hundreds of ASMR videos, we had an opportunity to do something special. We knew we weren’t creating the first branded ASMR video. So we set out to create the last one.

Introducing Reese The Movie: A Movie About Reese...An ASMR Experience. An original feature length film that brings 5 of YouTube’s favourite ASMRtists together for the first time, shot by famed Hollywood veteran cinematographer André Turpin.

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