The Black Cat

Wayward Arts Magazine

The Black Cat: Special Issue

Wayward Arts Magazine ( asked us to come up with a concept for the first issue of their second volume, so we chose to illustrate Edgar Allan Poe's short story The Black Cat. This dark story tells the tale of a man who, with the aid of alcohol, becomes utterly obsessed with his cat.

Unified with the use of black and at least one image of a cat on each page, we used 12 different designers to bring the story to life visually and sealed the whole thing up in a tear-to-open 'body bag.' 

At the back of the magazine we created a roll fold so the viewer could easily read the full story while enjoying each spread, and with some help from our friends from Grayson Mathews Music + Sound, we also created a website that housed a haunting audio recoding of the story.

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