Oh Henry! TV & Social

Oh Henry! TV & Social


Oh Henry! has everything you love. Peanuts, caramel and chocolatey fudge. It has nothing you don’t love. Like shredded wet newspaper. So to introduce the brand’s new positioning of Everything You Love, we created a series of totally legit scientific-ish tests.


Social Campaign

Far too often, social media content is fun for no one. Not the people making it. And not the people looking at it. So to extend the brand’s positioning of Everything You Love to social, we loosened the reigns to give fans the entertainment and personality they wanted from our brand. Since the start of the campaign, sales have increased in Canada by 17%. Not bad.

The extremely impactful and memorable Oh Henry! Packing reveal

We wanted convenience store owners to be as excited as we were about our new packaging. At the very least, we succeeded in making them mildly uncomfortable.

Don't Make Stuff

The internet’s obsessed with Tasty videos and DIY recipes. So we created a recipe video that shows Oh Henry! fans the best way to make their favourite bar at home: by not making it at all. 

The Oh Henry! Photoshop Battle

Giving the internet free reign with your branding. What could go wrong?

The Oh Henry! Sweater

Every summer, some people chill their chocolate to keep it from melting. But what about winter? We came up with a hand-made way for Oh Henry! fans to keep their bars nice and warm.

32 Henrys eating Oh Henry! 360 Video

If you’ve ever wanted to experience being surrounded by 32 guys named Henry eating Oh Henry!, you’re in luck.

Canadian Tuxedo

If you’re going to eat a limited edition Oh Canada! bar, you might as well do it in denim.

Things You DOn't love

Oh Henry! has everything you love. Oh Henry! has nothing you don't love.